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Yekta Homes

Our mission

For many years we have built most beautiful houses in the Mediterranean with our power to direct our sector and we have always regarded human relations as a priority and not only a house with our understanding of continuous development and follow up of the latest technology; a lifestyle.

Our vision

By having our experienced, trustworthy person, smiling faced expert staff, pre-sales and after-service services, international fair organisations we attended, and more people with qualified housing, without losing the excitement and enthusiasm of the first day, We want to contribute to the promotion of our country and Alanya, and to enlarge our happy families with each passing day without leaving our qualifications and our ethical principles (which may be our understanding of honesty).

About us

Yekta Homes continues to grow with happy customers who have contributed to the family from all over the world. Yekta Homes, an international company and located within the group of companies Gürses Group, works with the principle of providing the best quality service to its customers both at home and abroad. Projects with unique architectural designs rise on solid foundations with investment services and customer satisfaction priority services provided to customers.

Investors who prefer Yekta Homes know very well that they have not bought a house. Those who have the chance to live on the projects, get the comfort and safety of life with the quality of the designs and the wide social areas Yekta Homes. Yekta Homes aims to provide the best service in the sector by using increasing knowledge and experience and continues its leadership in after-sales and after-sales services with its professional and smiling faced team.