Information about the status of ön iskan and ferdi iskan

The most impartans permissions/papers togerher with the title deed itself There are two relevanttypes of permits(Iskan):

  1. Ön iskan is a general permission related to the complete building including shared areas. The ön iskan is your proof that the building has been constructed according to the building permission approved by the local authorities. The costs for ön iskan are mormally paid by the developer.
  2. Ferdi Iskan is a habitation certificate for each individual unit and can be obtained after the issue of the above mentioned ön iskan. Each apartment must obtain its own ferdi iskan and this is normally paid by the buyer. Ferdi iskan is a very important document otherwise you can not be connected to public water or electricity from the electic company. If the precious owner of the apartment obtained the ferdi iskan the new owner does not have to obtain it again.