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Residence permit in Turkey when buying real estate in 2024

  • 06.03.2024
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Securing residency in Turkey by purchasing real estate is a relatively simple and fast way to legally reside in the Mediterranean country. Citizens of many countries buy property here to spend most of the year in an area with a mild southern climate. Turkish residency is less prestigious than that of EU countries. However, having a residence permit in Turkey has its undeniable advantages. Why is Turkey popular with expats? In this article, we will try to answer this question.


1. Residence permit in Turkey when buying real estate

2. Real estate residency programme in Turkey: advantages

2.1. Procedure for obtaining a residence permit

2.2. Documents for obtaining a residence permit

2.3. Residence permit for family members

3. Real estate residency programme with Yekta Homes

Residence permit in Turkey when buying real estate

Foreigners seek residence permits in European countries for a superior standard of living, the freedom to travel across Europe without visas, access to top-notch medical services and education, as well as the assurance of safety and stability. However, securing one can be quite challenging, as there are not many legal avenues for permanent residency in Europe.

If an individual from overseas has no plans to pursue studies at a foreign university, is not considering marriage, and does not possess a particularly sought-after profession, their options for relocating abroad are significantly restricted. Nevertheless, there remains one avenue, applicable to individuals of all ages and professions—a real estate residency programme. The concept is straightforward: a foreigner purchases a property (or multiple properties) for a specified amount, and in return, the country grants them the right to obtain a residence permit.

ВНЖ в Турции при покупке недвижимости

The residency programme is available only in a select few European countries, with each having a specific entry threshold, denoting the minimum property price required for obtaining a residence permit:

  • Greece: starting from €250,000;
  • Latvia: starting from €250,000;
  • Portugal: starting from €280,000;
  • Malta: starting from €220,000;
  • Cyprus: starting from €300,000;
  • Spain: starting from €500,000.

Obtaining residency in Turkey through property purchase is more economical compared to Spain or Greece. Applicants can initiate the process after acquiring any property valued at a minimum of $200,000. Turkish citizenship can also be pursued through property ownership, with eligibility starting from $400,000.

Real estate residency programme in Turkey: advantages

The Turkish residence permit offers additional advantages:

  • Diversified Economy: Turkey boasts a robust economy, with thriving sectors such as tourism, mining, automotive, textile industries, and agriculture.
  • Welcoming Environment: Turkish locals generally exhibit a friendly attitude towards foreigners, fostering a sense of warmth and inclusivity.
  • Modern Infrastructure: Turkey boasts modern residential complexes equipped with amenities like playgrounds, gyms, and shops, ensuring a convenient and comfortable lifestyle for residents.

After 5 years of residing under a residence permit, individuals become eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. Importantly, this process does not require renouncing one’s original passport. Individuals can potentially hold dual citizenship, provided they adhere to specific regulations and requirements.

Turkish authorities are committed to enhancing the quality of life in the country. Their endeavours have yielded positive results, with affluent foreigners increasingly choosing to relocate to Turkey, invest in real estate, and contribute to the nation’s economy.

Программа ВНЖ за недвижимость в Турции: преимущества

Procedure for obtaining a residence permit

A residence permit is necessary for stays in Turkey longer than 30 or 90 days (depending on your nationality) within a 180-day period. There are two primary types of residence permits:

  • Short-term permits, which require renewal every 1–2 years. This includes residence permits obtained through property purchases in Turkey;
  • Long-term permits, issued once after 8 years of residency in Turkey.

To obtain a short-term residence permit through property ownership, individuals must first register online to submit their documents. Subsequently, an interview date is scheduled, and a package of required documents is compiled.

Upon acceptance of the documents, applicants receive a certificate confirming their application for a residence permit. This document allows legal residence in Turkey while awaiting the issuance of the residence permit, a process typically taking between 2 weeks to 3 months.

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

  • Residence permit application;
  • 4 biometric photos;
  • Original and copy of passport;
  • Copy of the property title deed (TAPU);
  • Certificate from the Land Registry Office validating the TAPU;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Receipt of payment for the fee and residence permit card;
  • Certificate of income or bank account statement (if required).

Документы для оформления ВНЖ

Residence permit for family members

Spouses of property owners and minor children are eligible to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. Additionally, children over the age of 18 with disabilities requiring care may also qualify. Each family member must submit their own set of required documents.

Real estate residency programme with Yekta Homes

To obtain a residence permit in Turkey, foreign citizens need to invest in suitable housing. Yekta Homes, a leading construction company, offers modern and comfortable apartments, flats, and duplexes in Alanya (Mahmutlar). We welcome you to view video reviews of our properties to assure the quality of our work. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will assist you in finding housing at the right price. With our help, relocating to Turkey will be even easier and more convenient!

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