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Yekta Sunrise Residence

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Om Projekt

Yekta Sunrise Residence

Yekta HOMES is in Gazipaşa the hidden paradise of the Mediterranean!

As the reliable construction company of the region; We are pleased to present you Sunrise Residence in Gazipaşa, which has just been discovered and where major investments have started

Gazipaşa is a quiet district famous for its bananas, oranges. The district of Gazipaşa stands on between the Mediterranean Sea and the high Taurus Mountains.

There is 50 km of coastline which is sandy beach and rocky stretches with small coves that can be used for swimming. The beaches of Gazipaşa are used as nesting grounds by loggerhead sea turtles. Construction is forbidden in these sea turtle areas.

Gazipasa has not experienced the tourist boom of neighbouring Alanya but there are now efforts being made to attract tourists to the district by building a yacht marina and an international airport. Tourist attractions include some sites from antiquity, caves, beaches, mountain walking. Gazipaşa has great potential for tourism with its nature, history and culture.

Yekta Sunrise Residence

The project is being built as a single block on a 5843 m2 plot. It consists of 10 floors including the terrace and the apartments are delivered ready for use. There are 10 apartments on 1 floor and a total of 90 independent sections.

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Ali Pazandeh
Ali Pazandeh
Salgschef, Grafisk designer
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