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Gurses Group Holding

Founded by Gürses Family, Gürses Group of Companies is active in jewelery - precious stones - jewelry, white goods, electronics, furniture, automotive, finance, fuel, tourism, construction and real estate sectors.

Turkey's leading company in the sector of our group who dealership, 2000 employees, 12 consolidated company, serves with 20 sales and service points.

In Turkey ranks in his company before the dealership, all of our companies, is among the top 5 every year dealer. The understanding behind the years of labor and work; honesty, principled work, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

Our client, who has chosen customer-focused retail trade as its main business area, serves more than 250.000 customers every year.

The basic philosophy of our group is;

To keep up with all the work we do,

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, business partners, employees, shareholders,

Using our creativity, knowledge and experience to improve our service and management processes in the most efficient and efficient manner.

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Ali Pazandeh
Sales representative, Graphic designer