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Moving to Alanya

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Moving to Alanya

Yekta Homes offers a wide range of top-notch housing for sale in Alanya.

Real estate in Alanya is available at relatively low prices and cost of living in this Turkish town is quite cheap too.

Find out benefits of buying a property in Alanya and living there in our ultimate guide.

Benefits of living in Alanya

The town of Alanya stretches along the Mediterranean coast. From the land, the town is protected by the Taurus Mountains which define the unique climate of this area. The sun shines here 330 days a year. And this is one of the main reasons along with the clean sea and excellent beaches why many people choose this city as a place to relocate or a holiday destination. But these things are not the only advantages this place may offer. So what else can you enjoy living here?

  • Although the town is a resort, its vibrant life does not end with the end of the season. In winter, all the shops, cafes, restaurants, hospitals and all other things that make our life more comfortable are open. That is why many people buy apartments and villas in Alanya not just for holidays but for relocation as well.
  • You don't have to worry about the language barrier in this region. Locals are real polyglots. They speak English, German, Dutch , Farsi, Russian and other languages. And if you meet a local who doesn't speak any foreign languages, which is extremely rare, they will find someone who will be able to help you.
  • The city is constantly developing: new parks appear, schools and hospitals are opened, beaches are being improved and etc. The mayor of the town, like all other city residents, treats Alanya with great care and respect. In 2018, he was awared as the Best Mayor in Turkey.
  • This area is very environmentally friendly. There are no harmful large industries in the vicinity. There is just the sea, banana plantations, mountain rivers and magnificent coniferous forests.
  • Another benefit is relatively low cost of living in Alanya. Always fresh vegetables and fruits are cheaper than in most European countries. The cost of real estate as well as different services are quite affordable too.

For many people, Alanya is a dream place perfect as a holiday destination and a place for living as well.

Reasons to buy an apartment in Alanya from a developer

If you are already in love with this Turkish town and you are thinking of buying an apartment here, make sure you consider offers from developers. These offers ensure you:

  • Lower housing prices;
  • Opportunity to buy a property using a mortgage with a lower interest rate;
  • Opportunity to get an annual residence permit for all family members;
  • Guaranteed quality of properties;
  • Buying a ready-to-move-in apartment with quality design and finish;
  • Opportunity to purchase an apartment with a good location;
  • Great selection of housing options for sale;
  • Safe and secure transactions.

Buying an apartment from a developer, you are ensured a reasonable price and the best terms of a transaction. You can also use apartments and villas in Alanya for sale as an investment option that will ensure you a stable rental income.

Turkey's real estate market: buying property under construction

You can save even more money if you buy a home and sign a contract when the property is under construction. Such deals are very popular among buyers as they are really profitable. Those who are planning to buy a property in an ongoing project should know that:

  • Unfinished or suspended projects are extremely rare on the construction market in Alanya. If you choose the right developer, you will avoid such problems. Choosing Yekta Homes, you are ensured that your property will be ready to move in on time.
  • Yekta Homes will help you choose an option that will perfectly suit your needs and budget and ensure you the legal transparency of a deal.
  • Buying a property under construction, you are offered a special installment plan for the period of construction.

With Yekta Homes, you can be sure that purchasing a property under construction in Turkey will go smooth and fast. In addition, you will be able to save up to 30%.

Moving to Alanya with Yekta Homes - choose your best property deal

Alanya is a perfect spot for those who are looking for a wonderful mild climate, warm sea and high-quality housing. To get professional assistance in buying an apartment, contact Yekta Homes team. The developer in Alanya will help you choose your dream apartment at the best price. Get in touch with us today at +90 242 221 0000.

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