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Moving to Alanya

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Moving to Alanya

Planning to move to Alanya but don't know where to start? The Turkish developer Yekta Homes has prepared a brief guide on what investors and expatriates need to know about this Mediterranean city and its local real estate market.

Advantages of living in Alanya

Moving to Alanya, Antalya, Turkey, means realizing a long-standing dream of living in a resort area with a wonderful climate and picturesque views of the Mediterranean coast. Here, you can enjoy sunny beaches, azure waters of the pristine sea, and vast expanses. The Turkish Riviera is also famous for its rich cultural heritage, attracting tourists from all over the world. In this place, traditions and modernity blend, and every day you can discover something new.

Alanya stretches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. From the land side, this city is protected by the Taurus Mountains, defining the region's unique climate. Here, the sun shines 330 days a year. And this is one of the most important reasons why many choose the city for having a holiday, relocating permanently, making profitable investments in real estate, and obtaining citizenship. However, the listed aspects are far from the only advantages of moving to Alanya. Let's consider the rest:

  • Although the city is a resort, its active life does not end with the close of the season. In winter, everything necessary for everyday comfort operates here: shops, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Therefore, real estate in Alanya from the developer Yekta Homes is often purchased for year-round living. /li>
  • You don't have to worry about the language barrier here. Local residents are true polyglots. They speak English, Russian, German, Dutch, Persian, and many other languages. If by chance you meet a local resident who doesn't speak foreign languages (which is extremely rare), they will find someone with whom you can communicate.
  • The infrastructure is constantly evolving: new parks are appearing, schools and hospitals are opening, beaches are being improved, and more. The mayor of Alanya, who was awarded the title of "Best Mayor of Turkey" in 2018, as well as all local residents, treat the city with great care and attention.< /li>
  • This area is very ecological. There are no health-hazardous large-scale industries nearby—only the sea, mountains, banana plantations, clean rivers, and coniferous forests.
  • We cannot overlook the cost of living. Here, vegetables and fruits are inexpensive; apartments, as well as various services, in Alanya for relocation are relatively affordable.

For many, this is a dream city, perfectly suitable for both seasonal vacations and permanent residence.

Real estate market

Buying property in Alanya and moving to Turkey open up a host of new opportunities. In addition to apartments, the market offers a wide selection of properties of various types and prices. New developments in Turkey offer cozy flats, while the low-rise sector offers luxurious villas with private pools and sea views. Housing prices vary depending on location, area, condition, and configuration of the properties.

The real estate market in this Mediterranean town is dynamic, and in recent years, there has been a steady increase in demand. Many foreign citizens purchase local properties as second homes to obtain a residence permit (residency) or for rental purposes.

Apartments in Alanya for permanent residence

Residency in Turkey when buying property in Alanya is a chance for a new life in one of the country's most beautiful corners.

Here, you'll find everything you need for a vibrant and fulfilling leisure time:

  • Sunny beaches;
  • Restaurants with national and international cuisine;
  • Rich infrastructure;
  • Various cultural events and much more.

The location attracts with its favorable climate, mild winters, and long summer seasons. Most apartment complexes have their own infrastructure, including pools, fitness centers, and recreation areas, making living here even more comfortable and convenient. Thanks to active tourism support and construction, the city is rapidly developing, providing new opportunities for work and business.

This place will be an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful and safe harbor to enjoy the sea air and natural beauty. Owning an apartment in Alanya for permanent residence will allow you to experience all the charms of this unique location and enjoy relaxation to the soothing sound of waves.

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Benefits of moving to Alanya

The main advantages of living in Alanya are as follows:

  • Pleasant climate: the sun shines almost all year round, resulting in short and mild winters and long summers. Well-maintained beaches, azure waters, and comfortable temperatures make the city an ideal place for leisure and living.
  • Range of real estate: second-hand property in Turkey, represented in this city, requires no renovation and is more affordable than in other parts of the country. New housing meets modern quality and construction standards and offers a wide range of additional amenities.
  • Favorable economic situation: Turkey has a developed economy and stable domestic market indicators. This creates good opportunities for earning and business development, especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors.
  • Amazing nature: the Turkish Riviera is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including mountains, forests, and well-kept beaches. Here, you can engage in sports, explore the area by bike or on foot, spend time at sea or in the mountains.
  • Historical heritage: the city, renowned for its rich history, is close to numerous archaeological sites and cultural attractions. Here, you can immerse yourself in the world of ancient castles, museums, and ancient ruins, making the location even more attractive.

If this Turkish city has already captivated you with its unique charm and you want to buy property here, pay attention to offers from developers. Here you will find:

  • Affordable housing prices;
  • The opportunity to buy property on mortgage at a favorable rate;
  • Residence permits for yourself and your family;
  • Guaranteed quality of properties;
  • Apartments with quality renovation and finishing;
  • Housing with good location;
  • A wide selection of available options for sale;
  • Reliability and safety of the transaction.

About Yekta Homes

Yekta Homes is one of the developers in the Antalya region, part of the largest holding in Alanya, the Gurses Group. The company has been operating in the construction sector since 2005 and has managed to complete about 20 projects during this time, making over 2000 families from different countries around the world happy owners of quality housing.

Our residential complexes stand out with full-fledged infrastructure, thoughtful amenities, and unique architectural solutions. Each project is unique in its own way and reflects the characteristics of the locations in which they are situated.

We strive to improve the world and continue to do so every day by working with our clients. To enhance the quality of service, the company always finds a way to individually care for each buyer.

We aim to create a hospitable atmosphere, so our pre-sales and after-sales service team is always ready to advise on how to move to Alanya for foreigners and help realize any ideas!

Real estate in Alanya by Yekta Homes

Buying an apartment in Turkey from a developer will be even more advantageous if you conclude the deal during the project's construction phase. Currently, offers of this type are of interest to many buyers. For those planning to purchase under-construction housing, the following information will be useful:

  • There is practically no unfinished construction in the real estate market. With a wise choice of seller, you will not encounter such a problem. If you choose Yekta Homes, you are guaranteed to receive finished housing within the contractually specified timeframe.
  • The success of the transaction largely depends on the compliance of the property with all legal norms. Professionals from Yekta Homes will help assess the situation and offer a suitable option, as well as guarantee the legal cleanliness of the transaction, and more.
  • When buying during the construction phase, a favorable payment installment plan is possible for the construction period.

By collaborating with professionals like Yekta Homes, you will not face any difficulties when purchasing property in Turkey during the construction phase. At the same time, you can make a purchase with savings of about 30%.

For anyone who loves a comfortable mild climate, warm sea, and quality housing, moving to live in Alanya can be recommended. For professional assistance in choosing and buying apartments, you can always turn to real estate agents at Yekta Homes. We will advise you on where to buy a residence and how to do it with maximum benefit for you. Contact us now at +90 533 782 0000!

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