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Yekta Homes news

  • The reasons why Turkish housing is so popular with Russians are revealed
    • 01.06.2023
    Russians are active buyers of apartments in the Republic of Turkey. According to unofficial data, Russian citizens have purchased 20,000 residential properties in Turkey since the beginning of 2023. Experts point to good weather conditions in the country and a large selection of housing as one of...
  • Turkey opens the largest public garden with 10,000 trees
    • 25.05.2023
    The Turkish government will open the largest public garden in Turkey. According to this project, there will be about 10,000 trees and more than 42,000 plants in the garden next to the old Ataturk airport. Moreover, there is a garden of 499,000 square meters (5,371,191 square feet). The park area is...
  • Experts reveal the best Turkish housing for investors
    • 18.05.2023
    Specialists evaluated real estate in Turkey by the cost per square metre and the pace of construction. Experts recommend choosing Alanya to invest in real estate, as there is no shortage of high-quality housing in both the primary and secondary market in the city. A square metre here is 10-15%...
  • Turkey reveals the results of housing sales for April 2023
    • 11.05.2023
    The number of residential real estate transactions is still the highest among Russian citizens. Russians bought 817 Turkish houses and apartments in this April. Russian citizens were ahead of Iranians (377 residential properties), Ukrainians (136), Iraqis (124), and Kazakhstanis (89). Residents of...
  • Experts explain why Russians are scooping up real estate in Turkey
    • 04.05.2023
    Numerous factors are cited by experts as to why Turkish real estate is gaining popularity among Russian citizens. Relatively low residence prices contribute to the high demand. In addition, while housing options are available for purchase on interest-bearing loans in Russia, you can purchase a...
  • Property sales in Turkey rose by 83% compared to February
    • 27.04.2023
    In March, there were 277,496 real estate transactions in Turkey, with a total return of over $270 million. In total, the number of deals increased by 83% in March compared to the previous month. A total of 100,867 sales transactions were for residential properties and 51,646 for land. The rest was...
  • Turkey has become the only country granting citizenship for real estate purchase
    • 20.04.2023
    Since April 1, Turkey has become the only state in which Russians have the opportunity to obtain citizenship for real estate investments in 2023. Until March 31, Turkey and Grenada provided citizenship to Russians investing in real estate. However, the deadline for submitting applications for...
  • Antalya’s property market goes through a shortage
    • 13.04.2023
    Following the tragic earthquake, Turkish citizens are moving to Antalya. The city has become a new leader in housing sales. The secondary market is also overheating. Experts see a shortage of offers. Rental rates are skyrocketing. Antalya is traditionally popular with Russian citizens. The past...
  • On April 1, only Turkey to offer foreigners to obtain citizenship for real estate purchases
    • 06.04.2023
    Grenada has changed its migration policy, and now Russians have limited ways to reside in the country. Russian buyers of Grenada housing can obtain citizenship until April 1, but the North American country stops accepting applications from Russians after that date. The reasons for this decision are...
  • Experts share information about how Alanya attracts foreign home buyers
    • 30.03.2023
    According to experts, there are several reasons why foreigners buy apartments in Alanya. The region is popular with tourists. The resort is surrounded by mountains that protect it from strong winds. Housing in the region is diverse. Alanya offers primary and secondary residential properties for...
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