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Yekta Homes news

  • The Turkish authorities plan to introduce a restriction on rent growth
    • 16.06.2022
    This measure is forced, since the increase in tariffs over the past year amounted to more than 182%. The maximum growth was recorded in Istanbul, while offers decreased even against the background of these figures. According to the Minister of Justice, the restriction measure will be temporary and...
  • Provinces of Turkey with the highest rates of real estate price growth
    • 09.06.2022
    By the end of April, the overall increase in real estate prices in Turkey reached 147%. Recalculated per square meter, it looks like $503. The Institute of Statistics of Turkey notes that not only have prices increased but also sales, which even Ramadan could not stop. At the same time, Russians are...
  • Russians buy record number of real estate in Turkey
    • 02.06.2022
    Over the past three months, citizens of the Russian Federation have purchased hundreds of residential properties in the Republic of Turkey. The leading Iranians and Iraqis now rank second and third. This trend began to develop in early March. This is associated with military actions in Ukraine. In...
  • The unprecedented influx of migrants in Turkey has led to the complication of of migration services
    • 26.05.2022
    Turkish real estate agencies and brokers report on how the work of the migration department in the country has changed. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there was an unprecedented demand for a residence permit. This is especially observed in Antalya and Alanya. The increase in the number of...
  • Turkey changes the rules for issuing a residence permit
    • 19.05.2022
    Since May 5, 2022, foreign nationals wishing to obtain a residence permit by purchasing housing are required to buy a property no cheaper than: $75,000 if it is located in one of the country’s 30 major population centers; $50,000 if it is located in small settlements. The first group...
  • Russians actively buy up properties in Turkey
    • 12.05.2022
    For the past year, the growth of real estate sales reached 116% in Turkey. The first two months of this year showed that the housing demand is not declining. As of February, the sales growth has already reached 20%. 70% of the total volume was transactions with ready-made properties. If the initial...
  • Turkish authorities raise the minimum price of real estate for citizenship
    • 04.05.2022
    The Turkish government has decided to increase the minimum cost of buying real estate for foreign nationals to obtain citizenship. If some time ago they could buy a house or apartment for $250,000, now only investors who purchase real estate for $400,000 will become citizens of the country. The...
  • Rental housing in Turkey becomes 4 times more expensive
    • 28.04.2022
    The cost of renting real estate in Antalya has increased 3-4 times. If earlier it was possible to rent apartments at the resort for $173 per month, now this price is $720 (as of 5 May 2022). Moreover, the demand for buying real estate has increased in the country: many buyers consider the purchase...
  • There is no housing left in Antalya
    • 21.04.2022
    Antalya's resorts are running out of vacant housing that could be rented. It was sold out by foreign nationals. Turkish residents report a real estate boom in Antalya. Meanwhile, as demand grew, prices also increased: the resort is more expensive than Istanbul, which has always been considered the...
  • Panic controls real estate prices in Turkey
    • 14.04.2022
    According to real estate experts, the main driving force behind the change in real estate prices is panic: panic buying and selling of real estate. This is obvious in the secondary housing market, which accounts for 70% of all housing sales in the country. Record inflation and economic instability...
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