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  • Tatyana, Moscow
    Tatyana, Moscow

    My name is Tatiana. I came from Moscow to live in Turkey. My friends who had been there told me about Alanya, especially Mahmutlar. I looked online and found a property exhibition in Moscow. There I met a company I liked. There I met Alina Mustafina, who suggested a tour. My daughter and I agreed and came to Mahmutlar. We were welcomed and given a guest flat. Everything was great. We were shown the different complexes and chose a flat in the Premium complex. We were at the site when the project was still under construction. We were impressed with the project and knew the quality of construction would be excellent. We quickly signed the contract, met the architects, director and manager Julia. The whole process was quick and efficient. The project is impressive, with lots of infrastructure and space.

    I recommend this company to many of my friends and acquaintances. If you're buying a flat in Turkey, I recommend this company for the quality of construction, customer service and beautiful designs. Turkey is a beautiful country. I've learned about it from different sides and visited different places. Mahmutlar has become my home. When I came here, I felt at home.

    Thank you to the company, the supervisors, the builders, the managers and all the staff. Thank you for everything. You're a great team. Come!

  • Aizhan and Nurlan, Almaty
    Aizhan and Nurlan, Almaty

    Hello, I express my gratitude to the manager of the Yekta company, Natalya Krupka, who helped us choose and purchase an apartment in the Trade Center complex in Mahmutlar. My wife and I have been deliberating this decision for a long time, as Turkey is our priority vacation destination. We come here every year, and then the thought occurred to us that it would be nice to have our own place and not depend on hotels. We chose Mahmutlar consciously because we have been vacationing here for several years, and we really like it. There are clean beaches and hospitable people here.

    It was a bit nerve-wracking because we had no prior experience buying property abroad. And then Natalya dispelled all our doubts, explaining all the details of the transaction and organizing a viewing of the property itself. Everything is clear; you can see that she is a professional in her field. Moreover, she is a very responsive person, and it's just nice to talk to her. The complex itself is simply gorgeous, it has everything for life, from a water park to a professional gym. On the 1st and 2nd floors of our complex is the Yekta Mall shopping center, where you can buy everything you need for the home, as well as clothes, restaurants, and cafes have also opened. You can always buy groceries or just sit in the cafeteria. We also really liked the apartment, it's bright and cozy. Thanks to Yekta company for the cooperation!

  • Krylova Tatyana, Vologda
    Krylova Tatyana, Vologda

    My name is Tatiana Krylova, I have recently purchased an apartment in the new BLUE 4 residential complex in Turkey, and I’d like to share my impressions. The choice of this project was determined not only by the attractive location of the complex but also by the high level of trust in the developer. From the moment I first contacted the company, I felt the professionalism and customer orientation of the staff. Manager Anna Fakhrieva provided all the necessary information, helped me choose the perfect apartment, considering all my wishes and needs.

    I chose this complex specifically because of the surrounding infrastructure. The sea is within walking distance, there are shops, cafes, pharmacies nearby, there are places to buy groceries, and just walk and relax. I am delighted with the quality of construction and the selected materials; the finish of the apartment is beyond praise. I am sure that the new apartment will become my cozy corner and an excellent investment. I recommend YEKTA HOMES as a reliable partner in realizing the dream of a house by the sea.

  • Olga, Novosibirsk
    Olga, Novosibirsk

    My name is Olga. I'm from Novosibirsk, Russia. I've been investing for about 5-6 years to secure my retirement, including through property. I've mainly worked with properties in Russia, in Novosibirsk. When my friends in Mahmutlar told me about Yekta Homes, I decided to buy a flat there. It was a premium complex with great infrastructure and interesting design solutions. I realised that such a flat would be more attractive for resale, as the complex was significantly different from other offers. The company offered excellent conditions for entry: a partial down payment and subsequent interest-free instalment for the duration of construction. During my investment, I faced different situations, but I always appreciated the company's reliability. After a year and a half, I came to see how the construction was going and was surprised at how well everything was going. I was also able to visit the town of Gazipasa, which I realised has even more investment potential than Mahmutlar.

    My manager, Natalia Krupka, deserves a special word of thanks. I can't thank her enough for her work. We've already seen one of the new projects together. I'm thinking of investing in Gazipasa because it has so much potential. The prices there are slightly lower than in Mahmutlar because it's less developed. But given how fast it's developing, I'm sure it'll be a great investment. It's a good investment here.

  • Azamat and Saule, Almaty
    Azamat and Saule, Almaty

    My name is Azamat and this is my wife Saule and our children Iris, Daryn and Samat. We flew in from Almaty, Kazakhstan. We liked the weather here. It was the first time we had come just to relax. We didn't think we would move to Turkey. But we liked it here, we liked the people, we liked the weather. And basically the kids liked it too. We decided to try and live here.

    When we first came, we travelled around Turkey and visited 6 big cities. But when we came to Alanya, for some reason we felt at home, at peace. There are few people, no traffic jams. We used to spend several hours of our lives in traffic jams. And here everything is within walking distance. There are mountains and the sea. So this is the perfect place for us. We had a flat opposite two complexes. And we liked the look of the complex and the infrastructure, how it looked from the outside. So we decided to go to the company, to look, to price. That's how we met.

    We decided on a complex in Gazipasa. This town is not far from Alanya, 30 km. We liked the beach, it is not as crowded as in Mahmutlar. It is only 1.5 km away. For our family it is very suitable: the airport is close, 30 km from Alanya. The manager Marta showed us the town. We did not see a big difference, but it is a more quiet and peaceful town. Gazipasa is more spacious, there is space between the houses, you can walk quietly. And we liked it so much, it reminds us of our childhood. And we think we should bring up our children in a place like this. They will grow up and go away to study, but they can feel nature here. And now many people live in big cities, and here it is a luxury to live in such a place.

    The advantage of Gazipasa is that it has an airport. It is very convenient if you need to fly somewhere quickly. You don't have to go to Antalya and waste time.

  • Marina Simonova, Moscow
    Marina Simonova, Moscow

    Hello everyone! My name is Marina Simonova and I'm from Moscow. I'm so excited to tell you that I recently purchased an apartment in Alara City, which is currently under construction. Yekta Homes was so helpful in helping me find a new property after I sold my previous apartment. I chose Alanya after a thorough research of the neighborhoods and I couldn't be happier with my decision!

    During my stay with my daughter in the USA, I was researching various sites and came across your premium complex. I was visually impressed when I visited the realtors and later received a call from my personal manager, Natasha. After working with her, she made me an offer on a duplex that I really liked. Then she helped me realize that the complex was in a quiet area and suggested that I move to the center. After COVID, I wanted to be in a more lively area, so I chose Alara, which is in the center of Mahmutlar and has a lot of people around. The shopping mall in Mahmutlar is probably the most visited place in the area.

    If you're looking for a warm and welcoming place to move to, I highly recommend Alanya. I suggest you consider it as a potential destination. I have something to compare with. Come and stay with us, relax and enjoy your time. I wish you all the best.

  • Evgeny and Marianna
    Evgeny and Marianna

    We would like to thank Dmitry Chibizhekov for the opportunity to purchase an apartment in Alanya, in the city centre.

    We bought the apartment in February 2022. Here’s how it all began. We contacted Yekta Homes after going through all the developers and agencies in Alanya. Initially, we came to view apartments with estate agents. They offered properties at astronomical prices and of standards much lower than they actually were. We had some specific requirements: to acquire relatively affordable housing in the centre of Alanya. Only with Yekta Homes were we able to find a suitable option and fall in love with the apartment! We didn’t take long to decide; we immediately understood that we had to buy it! It’s essential that there is an opportunity to come every six months and see how the house is being built and at what stage it is. We are grateful to Dmitry and your company for booking an apartment (for free!!!) for our stay in Turkey, meeting us, and checking us in. There were even bathrobes and groceries in the fridge. This speaks to the high level of service!

    We would like to say a huge thank you to Dmitry, Yekta’s sales representative, for constant feedback and assistance in choosing the best housing in Alanya. He always handled matters professionally and competently, leaving no room for concerns or doubts. It was evident that he loves and values every client and his work! The service is top-notch; it’s the best company out of all we’ve dealt with in Turkey. We will definitely come back to you, Dmitry, for another apartment!

  • Elena and Dmitry, Saint Petersburg
    Elena and Dmitry, Saint Petersburg

    We had been planning to purchase an apartment in Alanya for a long time. We considered many different options, but had concerns about the reliability of developers. The process of acquiring real estate abroad also raised some apprehensions. Our attention was drawn to the construction company Yekta Homes.

    We liked that the developer has a good reputation in the real estate market. The company has been in existence for over 10 years, and during this time, various complexes were built, delivered on time, and met all international standards. We were surprised that the procedure for signing the purchase and sale agreement for an apartment in an under-construction complex was conducted online within 1 day. The ability to benefit from interest-free instalment payments and a convenient payment schedule turned out to be significant advantages.

    We are very satisfied with the work of our sales representative, Dmitry Chibizhekov. He takes his work very seriously and always promptly resolves any issues that arise. During the purchase stage, Dmitry clearly presented all possible apartment options to us. Thanks to him, we chose exactly what we wanted and quickly signed the agreement. We appreciate that Dmitry is always in touch and helps in any situation. What is particularly valuable is that he does his job efficiently and quickly, is polite, amiable, and a true professional in his field. The bonuses from the company, such as providing a guest apartment and after-sales service, are also very nice.

    We are immensely grateful to Yekta Homes and sales rep Dmitry Chibizhekov for excellent work! Wishing you success and prosperity! Thank you!

  • Sergey and Elena, Moscow
    Sergey and Elena, Moscow

    I’m writing a review because I want to share our story of buying an apartment with Yekta Homes.

    Our names are Sergey and Elena. For several years, we rented a flat in Mahmutlar during the summer. We loved everything, and we realised that we needed to buy our own apartment. After looking at many complexes, we decided to buy a new flat at the excavation stage. The main criteria were location, the availability of internal infrastructure, and, of course, a reliable developer. We examined off-plan projects of various companies. As my husband is a civil engineer by education, we paid attention to the criteria that define a reliable developer. These include the quality of construction and materials used, the organisation of construction processes, and the safety measures implemented in operations.

    And, of course, we considered the projects on offer. We would attend a real estate expo held twice a year and realised that, by all criteria, Yekta Homes suits us. In addition to all of the above, they have an undeniable advantage: after completing construction, the company doesn’t forget about the development but takes over and strictly controls the management of the complex. Whether it’s a new property or one handed over ten years ago, everywhere, the territory is well-maintained, and all declared infrastructure works impeccably.

    At one of the expos, we really liked the company’s new project, Kingdom Premium. We decided to learn more and approached a sales rep for details. It was Dmitry Chibizhekov, a very knowledgeable specialist, easy to communicate with, very patient and attentive, with a good sense of humour, and, to our surprise, a civil engineer by education. He explained everything in the finest detail, covering the project, timelines, and materials used, along with various technical specifications. All our questions received clear, well-informed, and detailed answers. We bombarded him with questions for about three hours. Still, doubts lingered about payment, instalments, and what if we changed our minds. Dmitry dispelled our doubts by explaining how attentively and loyally the company treats each client, taking your specific circumstances into account and creating a payment schedule tailored just for you. He assured us that everything could be negotiated, no one would twist our arms, and if we changed our minds, they would refund our money without any penalties or problems.

    The final factor in favour of the purchase was the price—at the “paper stage” with an additional discount for signing the agreement at the expo. It was very pleasing. We have not regretted it at all. Yes, our complex is not yet completed, but the apartment’s value has already tripled.

    We’ve been to the construction site several times and once again confirmed that we made absolutely the right choice!

    We are eagerly looking forward to our new apartment. We wish the company success and prosperity!

  • Pavel and Christina
    Pavel and Christina

    We relocated to Alanya for the winter and were considering Thailand or Bali as our destination. However, after watching numerous videos of bloggers on YouTube, Turkey seemed more appealing. We decided to spend a month here to get a feel for the place and see what it was like. Turkey exceeded our expectations. We initially rented a flat from the developer Yekta Homes in Alara Park for a month and were delighted with it.

    After a month, we found a long-term flat and started looking at buying our own place. We really liked the Yekta complexes, so we had no hesitation in approaching them again. We rented a flat in Yekta Alara Park, which had a hammam and swimming pool. This was our first experience of staying in such a complex; we had seen something similar in Thailand, but it was not the same. We decided to buy a flat from Yekta. We went to the office to look at options that suited our budget and chose Yekta Towers. It’s in a great location, close to shops and the sea, the start of Mahmutlar. It’s quieter here than in the centre. There’s a big Migros nearby, and the infrastructure is excellent. We haven’t seen such complexes in Russia. The main thing is that the flat has warm floors.

    We didn't come here on our own, but with a child. When we were looking for a long-term flat, we also thought about where the child would study. He's seven years old and in first grade. There are Russian, English and Turkish schools in Alanya. We looked at all of them and chose the Russian one. The child started at the school in September and he likes it. The class is friendly, the teacher is kind and modern. In addition to the main lessons, the child goes to drawing, where an artist teaches, and English is taught by native speakers. We like the fact that a shuttle service comes to pick him up in the morning and bring him directly to his home in the evening – it is very convenient. Christina was initially worried about moving, but it turned out that her fears were unfounded. There is almost no language barrier here, with many people speaking Russian. We live in a similar environment to Russia, with lots of sea, mountains and warmth. We had a great experience with the developer Yekta Homes. They were quick and efficient in dealing with any issues, and all we had to do was turn up at the place.

  • Aleksandr and Elena
    Aleksandr and Elena

    In June of this year, we purchased an apartment in Alanya, in the neighbourhood of Mahmutlar!!! A wonderful city, kind people, beautiful and clean sea, fresh fruits, and quality foods. It was our first time in Alanya. Honestly, by the third day, we fell in love with this city. I’ve travelled a lot, but it was Alanya that stole my heart.

    Now I’ll come back here time and time again. But now to my own apartment. I’ll maybe even consider moving here. I’m very grateful to the people working at YEKTA HOMES. Everything is very professional, comfortable, competent, and to the point. Dmitry Chibizhekov helped us. He selected options, showed us the chosen apartments, and answered all our questions competently. Then we went together with him to explore the city, surroundings, and landmarks. And there is a lot to see there!!! He treated us like family. We met him in Moscow in the spring at the international real estate exhibition. It is to him that we owe our acquaintance with Alanya.

    Well done! What a professional! He knows his job well, and it’s evident that he enjoys his work. I think he takes pleasure in seeing our (buyers’) happy faces. I recommend the developer Yekta Homes. I’ve seen all their projects in Mahmutlar in person. The guys are obsessed with quality. It’s virtually impossible to find fault with the building materials or the quality of the work. I work with builders. I have my own company, dealing with the maintenance and operation of real estate properties.

    I often get to approve newly built or renovated properties for operation in Moscow and the region. Yekta Homes itself has a very good reputation in the city. I also wanted to point out that the company has a very strong after-sales service department. They solve virtually all local issues. Starting with drawing up the necessary Turkish documents and ending with everyday matters. They even assist in choosing a local school and enrolling a child in it. In general, this company employs very hospitable, friendly, and conscientious people. Kudos to the head of the company.

    Here’s why I decided to buy an apartment in Alanya: 1. The warmest city on the Mediterranean coast. It’s warm and sunny here in winter. The sea never cools below +18; 2. Everywhere there is clean sea and stunning beaches; 3. Quality and affordable food, and real fruits all year round; 4. Friendly people who are eager to help at any time; 5. Beautiful mountains and clean air. There are no industrial enterprises nearby; 6. Good apartments with quality finishes and sea or mountain views (mine overlooks both the mountains and the sea). 11th floor. 7. Own airport 25 kilometres from the city. And there are no traffic jams, at all; 8. A waterfront with a pedestrian and bicycle path along the sea for 12 kilometres. Very beautiful!!! If you decide to buy an apartment abroad, come to Alanya and contact YEKTA HOMES. You won’t regret it. That was my experience.

  • Bassam, Lebanon
    Bassam, Lebanon



  • Nabil, Germany
    Nabil, Germany



  • Vesna



  • Vladimir P.
    Vladimir P.

    This year, we went on holiday to Turkey and stayed in a Yekta Homes (a Turkish developer in Alanya,
    Mahmutlar) apartment. That was our first time staying in a Yekta Homes apartment. They provided us with the apartment for free as part of the program of buying an off-plan apartment, i.e. you buy an apartment in a building under construction and you get the right to stay once a year for two weeks in an apartment of this construction company until your own apartment is ready to move in. Since the apartment was provided free of charge and it was located in Mahmutlar, the district, which is quite far from the center of Alanya, we
    didn't really expect anything special, but we were pleasantly surprised by the apartment, the building, its location and the district of Mahmutlar itself. The house was located at the very beginning of Mahmutlar in the Atilim-3 project, three minutes walk from the beach. There is an underpass which takes you to the beach, which is very convenient because you don't need to cross the busy road and wait when drivers let you cross the road. Yekta Homes has a beach equipped with sun loungers and parasols, which you can use for free as a resident a Yekta Homes project. The apartment itself was in excellent condition, equipped with all basic necessities, including a dishwasher, washing machine as well as a microwave oven. There also was a spacious balcony overlooking the sea and the pool area of the complex. The territory of the complex itself wasn't that big, but it was equipped with everything you need, including a small gym and a
    spacious swimming pool. The guys at Yekta Homes also helped us order the delivery of drinking water. We were very impressed with the quality of the apartment, the amenities and how helpful and friendly Yekta Homes team is. We can surely say that they treat their customers as their family. This is so nice! Many thanks to Yekta Homes and we hope that our project will be as good as the one we stayed in!

  • Dmitrienko Family
    Dmitrienko Family
    My friends recommended me Yekta Homes when I decided to buy an apartment. And these two years, there hasn’t been a moment when I regretted my choice. At Tekta Homes, you can clearly see that it’s quality that matters rather than quantity. They offered me an interest-free loan within the construction period and an inspection tour with free accommodation (even during the high season). I worked with Natalia Krupka only and can’t say much about other staff but Natalia is great. She can handle any problem at no time. She helped me feel home when I first came to Mahmutlar. Airport transfer, a wonderful breakfast at the river, a tour across Alanya, an inspection tour to the construction site – all of that was arranged by the Yekta team. So, I can surely recommend this company.
  • Ivan Turov
    Ivan Turov

    This is a review from a person who has been living in Turkey for over a year in Yekta Plaza. I bought my apartment in 2018 moved to Turkey right after that as the project had been finished by that time and was ready to move in. The kitchen and bathroom were already equipped and I didn’t have to change anything there. The team that helped me buy the apartment also helped me to buy all furniture and fix it. 

    After I moved to Turkey, I was absolutely happy – the sea and the mountains, the sun, awesome climate. Yekta plaza is located close to shops, cafes, and other facilities. The apartment has a large balcony with a great view, high ceiling, spacious and convenient kitchen with a living room. The common area with a pool, sunbeds and other stuff. 

    I haven’t even noticed how the year passed. I’d like to thank Yekta Homes for helping me buy my apartment and move to Turkey. I’d definitively recommend this company!
  • Anton and Irina Petrova
    Anton and Irina Petrova
    We finally made our dream come true and bought an apartment by the sea. And we’d like to thank Yekta Homes for helping us with it. Thanks for building great development projects. Although our apartment hasn’t been finished yet, we are already in love with it and imagine how we will go on holidays to our own apartment in Alanya in the Blue Residence project. We couldn’t possible think that we could buy a 1+1 apartment in a building with a pool, fitness gym, just 5 minutes from the sea.
  • Margarita and Daniil Kravtsov
    Margarita and Daniil Kravtsov

    We would like to thank the Yekta Homes team for the work they did! That was really great! Now we have an apartment in Turkey with an amazing sea view. It was our dream and now it is reality.  

    First we visited Yekta Homes website, looked through their offers, apartment photos and realized that we could easily afford an overseas apartment by the sea. So, we contacted their office and after a few weeks we went there for an inspection tour. It was quite challenging and extremely exciting at the same time. We found it quite difficult to choose the right one from other offers and on the other hand we were so excited to buy our overseas home. Alina, our manager, is very professional: great communication, explained us all the details of the deal and handled all the paperwork on her own, so that we had nothing to worry about. 

    Overall, we’re looking forward when Investment Plus will be finished and we’ll be able to go on holiday to our own apartment in Turkey. We’d definitely recommend Ykta Homes to those who’re still thinking of buying an apartment.
  • Alexey and Zhanna Romov
    Alexey and Zhanna Romov
    We can’t say enough how happy we are that we bought in Yekta Plaza. We already bought an overseas apartment before, so we have some experience to compare with. First, we really appreciate the great work Yekta Homes team did for us. They arranged the inspection tour and were super friendly and helpful. Besides, they offer the most reasonable prices, really cost-effective deals. And we also like the area of Mahmutlar – nice beaches, the sea perfect for family holidays, the overall infrastructure and many other things to enjoy in Turkey.
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