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Moving to Turkey

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Moving to Turkey

Many people are dreaming of moving to the seaside and enjoy the comfort of living in the south. That is why Turkey is becoming more and more popular among foreign property buyers. This country offers a mild climate, excellent beaches and affordable quality housing. If you are going to move to Turkey, contact Yekta Homes. On our website, you will find housing options that will perfectly suit all your needs and budget. Check out our ultimate guide on benefits of living in Turkey.

Apartments for sale on the Turkish coast: pros and cons

Buying an overseas property is a serious step, which requires quite a lot of efforts. And the first thing you should do is consider all the benefits and possible disadvantages of this decision. This is one of the keys to a successful purchase. The same thing is with moving to Turkey.

The best way to study the country, property's location and a property itself is contacting a professional estate agent. Yekta Homes agents will ensure you total support and handle all issues that you may have when buying a property. Our experience and recommendations will help you decide if Turkey is your place. But we can say that most of people say yes to Turkey, especially if to consider its high demand among foreign investors.

So, what are the reasons to buy a property in Turkey?

We can talk endlessly about advantages of living in Turkey, starting from its great location to mouthwatering and always fresh fruits and vegetables. Here you can find our top list of reasons why to move to Turkey:

  • Wonderful unspoilt nature and mild climate. Lots of opportunities for domestic tourism and holidays: the country offers options for all types of tourism. Beach holidays, eco tourism, hiking, skiing and etc. Besides, you can easily travel by plane across the country.
  • No visa required, simplified procedure of getting a residence permit and citizenship. When buying a property worth more than $250,000, a foreigner may obtain Turkish citizenship faster and easier.
  • Relatively simple procedure of buying a property for foreigners.
  • Low maintenance costs and annual tax. Food and other products are also quite cheap.
  • Friendly environment for starting a business for foreign residents.
  • Plenty of development projects with well-developed infrastructure where you can find apartments for any budget.

And we'd also like to mention a special atmosphere in this country. You always feel welcomed in this country. Turks are extremely friendly and open people who are tolerant of other cultures, religions and customs. If you have decided to move to Turkey, we can say for sure that you have made the right choice!

Legal aspects of moving to Turkey

If you are thinking of moving to Turkey, the first thing you should do is consider some legal aspects:

  • Visa policy. Residents of some EU member states and Schengen Annex II countries are required to get a visa. Check out the detailed visa information for foreigners on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Getting a residence permit and citizenship. When buying a property in Turkey, foreigners are entitled a real estate permit. Property owners can also apply for citizenship after five years provided you stay in the country for at least 6 months per year. When buying a home worth at least $250,000, you can apply for citizenship on special terms.
  • Buying real estate by foreigners. It is quite easy for foreigners to buy a property in Turkey. The government made the procedure as simple as possible. Though, there are some location restrictions. For example, residents of some countries cannot buy properties on the Black Sea.
  • Property taxes in Turkey. They have relatively low rates, from 0.1% to 0.3% of the property's price.
  • Business opportunities. Foreign residents can start a business at the same terms as locals provided they have lived in the country for at least five years and have residence permit. Companies with foreign capital get benefits that local companies do not have.

These are things that are worth being considered to make sure that your purchase matches your goals.

Assistance in buying a property from Yekta Homes

Living, running a business and buying real estate in Turkey is much easier than in many other countries. Therefore, buying your own home in this hospitable country will be a promising and profitable decision. Yekta Homes, a construction company in Alanya, is ready to help you make a profitable purchase. Contact us at +90 242 221 0000.

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