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  • Igor and Anna
    Igor and Anna
    First time when we heard about this company was over a year ago, when my husband’s colleague bought a 2+1 apartment in Alara Park. She told us about Alanya and how great this company was. So, after a while we decided to go there on an inspection tour. Natalia Krupka met us, showed us Alanya and its best spots. We visited Yekta’s projects, finished and ones under construction. And as a result, we purchased an apartment in IN+. We appreciate their awesome service and hospitality. When we came to their office with our children, they took care of them while we discussing the details. And besides, they also offer after-sale service and even organize walking tours across Alanya and special parties when they launch or finish their projects. And once we needed some health care service and Natalia helped us handle it too. We just can’t say enough how we appreciate their work.
  • Lilya and Yuriy
    Lilya and Yuriy
    My husband and I are really grateful for everything Yekta Homes did for us. Natalia, the specialist who worked with us was extremely helpful and very friendly. She answered and handled every question we had. Many thanks from our family!
  • Sergey Svetlov and Liudmila Shvets
    Sergey Svetlov and Liudmila Shvets
    Our friends told us about this company a few months ago. After we visited their website, we decided to go to Turkey and see everything with our own eyes. So, in July we went to Alanya for a week. We arranged 7 meetings with different company and thanks god Yekta Homes were our first company. As soon as we entered their office we felt like we were at the right place. Adnan Gentin met us, showed us the office and told us everything about the company and their projects. He is a real professional and after a short conversation, he managed to offer us exactly what we were looking for as if he read our mind. The already finished projects are amazing and after visiting their show rooms we were sure that was what we needed. So, we cancelled all our other meetings and accepted their interest-free loan offer. Many thanks to Yekta Homes and we’d surely recommend them to everyone!
  • Elena and Ivan Peretochkiny
    Elena and Ivan Peretochkiny

    Everything was done smoothly, without any fuss. Originally we went to Turkey on holiday and ended up with buying an apartment at Yekta Homes. In fact, every year we go on holiday to Alanya and this year we decided to stop wasting money on hotels and buy our own holiday apartment there. So, we started studying local developers and came across Yekta Homes website and left our contacts there. Their specialist called us back and after a few days we were already viewing their projects in Mahmutlar. 

    The quality of construction works was very good and we really enjoyed the design and layout of their apartments, very convenient and well-thought. We hesitated what apartment to choose and Alina recommended us the option perfect for our family of four. 

    So, we bought a 2+1 apartment in Yekta Plaza Residence. The Yekta team handled all the paperwork and other official staff and they always kept us updated. Working with Yekta Homes is a real pleasure.
  • Faina, Russia
    Faina, Russia

    That’s my actually first review in whole my life. And I’d like to say may thanks to Yekta Homes for the great job they do for their customers. 

    Special thanks to Yulia, who manages the work with Russian-speaking customers and Dmitriy who became almost our family for helping us buy an apartment. 

    The service simply could be better. Picnics and breakfast at the mountains, boat tours, and plenty of other bonuses. 

    That was a real pleasure to be their customer. 

    I’d 100% recommend Yekta Homes.
  • Ekaterina and Elena K. Russia
    Ekaterina and Elena K. Russia
    Yekta Homes is a great development company with a very friendly and professional team. We’ve been working with them for over a year. Every project they launch is very different but the thing that they have in common is exemplary quality and great infrastructure.
  • Tatiana

    It was 2014 when our family bought our first apartment at Yekta Homes. After that, we bought another one and just can’t stop. In 2019 they launched a new project and we’re thinking of buying one more.

    Yekta Homes are a team of real professionals, from drivers to top managers. Every time it was a real pleasure to work with Natalia. She’s just amazing, handled all paperwork, kept in touch with us all the time and answered millions of our questions. Now we feel like we part of Yekta family and Alanya became our home.
  • Marat Kazakhstan
    Marat Kazakhstan

    Bought an apartment in Yekta Plaza.

    The project is really well designed, with plenty of amenities and close to the sea. 

    It was pleasure to work with Natalia. 

    She showed me the city and its best spots.
    The apartment is great. Natalia offered a few options and I chose the most suitable one. Many thanks

  • Igor and Alexandra
    Igor and Alexandra

    When we used to live in Vladimir, we were always feeling lack of sunshine. Therefore, the only thing we were thinking about at the time was going on holiday to the seaside to enjoy warm sunny days. Finally, that was one of the reasons why we decided to move to Turkey. Now we can enjoy the climate which really makes us feel happy. Besides, can’t say enough how we like our new apartment the complex on the whole. Everything is made to enjoy the life in this place. And this actually what we do, we really do enjoy living here. Many thanks to Yekta Homes for making this real!

  • Ella Vinogradova
    Ella Vinogradova

    I just fell in love with this place, the complex and my new apartment. I don’t even want to go anywhere new, I just do simply like absolutely everything here. Before that, when I lived in Moscow, I used to go on holiday to the seaside to enjoy the sun, spectacular nature. Now, when living in Mahmutlar, there is no need to go somewhere else. You can find everything you want here: the warm sea, great beaches, fantastic mountains and of course the sun. And no hustle and bustle of a big city. The Yekta Homes development project has been constructed taking onto account all the small details.
    I can say for sure that in terms of comfort and facilities the apartment and the project is much better than those I lived in Moscow. Therefore, I think this is a pure luck that I met Yekta Homes and bought an apartment in Turkey.

  • Ruslan M, Russia
    Ruslan M, Russia
    I’d like to thank Alina Mustafina, the sales manager, for her professionalism and great work she did for me. She arranged the inspection tour where I could visited their already finished projects. Alina also gave all the possible details on the construction process. It’s her assistance that made me choose this development company.
  • George



  • Dario



  • Tamara and Uwe, Germany
    Tamara and Uwe, Germany

    After visiting different countries, we realized that the best spot for going on holiday for us is Alanya with its great infrastructure and wonderful climate.

    We simply fell in love with this place and finally decided to buy an apartment there.

    After a few not very successful tries in May 2018, we met Natalia Krupka, who works at Yekta Homes.

    Natalia is a real professional. She helped us to find our dream apartment that matched our budget.

    Before we signed all the paper and got our Tapu, we had a chance to meet the rest of the Yekta Homes team.

    They provided us a great apartment where we could stay for free for 10 days, while we were waiting for our papers. Within these 10 days, Natalia helped us handle different issues, accompanied us to the bank, showed the city and other worth visiting spots. We will never forget the Turkish breakfast at the mountain river.

    Natalia arranged all of this.

    Yulia, Selem Bay and the rest of the team let us feel home.

    After we got our Tapu, Natalia continued helping us.


    We’ve never seen such quality of service!

    We’d like to thank Natalia and rest of team for their great work. We’re glad to become part of Yekta Homes family.
  • Larisa & Sergey
    Larisa & Sergey
    We can’t say enough how we enjoyed working with Yekta Homes team. First, we visited their showrooms where we were able to carefully study the interior and other design solutions of our future apartment. We also visited already their already finished projects and really liked their well-thought design details and all other stuff. Now, when we have already invested our money in their project – Alora Park, they constantly provide us with updated information and current construction works. The company may also consider your suggestions. After everything we saw, we can say that Yekta Homes is one of the best and reliable developers in the real estate market. And we’d also like to thank Natalia, who is working with us, for her professionalism and help.
  • Vladimir  К.
    Vladimir К.

    We really enjoyed buying an apartment at Yekta Homes. Located in Mahmutlar district, in the IN + complex, the apartment is 7 minutes walk from the sea with perfect layout and nice finishing. We did not find similar offerings for the same fiasco. Cooperation was very enjoyable. We recommend Yekta Homes to anyone looking for a good home at reasonable prices/

  • Anatoly K.
    Anatoly K.

    Yekta Homwa offers high quality homes. Always courteous service, attentive managers, personal trekking. If you value quality, comfort, reliability, choose houses from Yekta Homes. I invested in the Alara Park Residence complex. The manager helped me deal with Alina!

  • Tamara I.
    Tamara I.

    For us the difference between Yekta Homes is their highest service and a special attitude to the customers. In the complex Yekta Plaza plaja is 5 minutes away 1 + 1, 64.5 m. The employees of the company immediately own the most appropriate conditions and many additional services. This attitude is very nice! Most importantly, this is not just words. The company really fulfills its promises. In this atmosphere, buying real estate is becoming a holiday! Choose Yekta Homes with all other conditions! You will not regret it!

  • Andrey S.
    Andrey S.
    Yekta Homes helped me buy modern housing in Turkey at a reasonable price. The property I bought is an apartment with two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. When I was buying my apartment, only the basement of the building was ready. That is why the price was not that high. Before choosing a company, I studied the market carefully and collected reviews on different companies. Yekta Homes turned out to be one of the most reliable and I checked it for myself. Natalia, my manager, is a real professional. I would surely recommend this company.
  • Valeriya L.
    Valeriya L.
    I’d surely recommend this company if you are looking for an apartment in Turkey. Yekta Homes ensures high-quality housing in modern development projects. Reasonable prices, flexible terms and conditions. I really appreciate how they handled all paper work and managed the deal. Many thanks to the whole team.
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