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What to do in Alanya in winter: Akdag Ski Center

  • 09.01.2020
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What to do in Alanya in winter: Akdag Ski Center

Apart from beach holidays, Alanya is going to be a large ski resort. The Akdag ski center is being constructed just in 35 km from the city of Alanya.

The idea of creating ski trails close to Alanya was discussed at the end of the previous century. That was when their construction was started, but it was frozen later. The construction works were continued in October 2016. At the moment, there are hundreds of workers being busy on the construction site to ensure that the center will be completed in 2020.

The ski trails of different types will be built to the top of the mountain. It is also said there will be 26 chairlifts on
offer and a cable railway to Alanya. The ski center will include mini hotels, spa centers and other facilities to enjoy different winter sport activities.
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