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If you are looking for a comfortable residence with few apartments close to the sea, this project is for you!

Our 9-storey project is located in the eastern part of Mahmutlar! Just 400 meters from the sea.

Due to its location, Yekta Blue 3 project has the advantage of easy access to all necessary social facilities. Right next to you is the city park, numerous shops, cafes, several chain supermarkets, a Tuesday market and a pharmacy. You can reach the transportation lines in a few minutes - so it will not be difficult to reach any point in Alanya.

Our project, which has all the necessary infrastructure in a modern residential complex, will be waiting for you in the outdoor area - an outdoor pool, a barbecue area, a children's playground and a green garden landscape. Sports hall, children's playroom, sauna, salt room and steam room constitute the indoor social areas of our project.

Meticulous craftsmanship and modern materials, the professional work of our team and the advice we receive from our customers - These are the key elements we use to build a perfect home.

All apartments in our project are delivered ready for the session. Ready-to-use kitchens and ready-touse bathrooms . Ceiling height 3 meters! Thus, you will feel the spaciousness of the apartment, thanks to the ceiling-to-floor panoramic windows we use in the living room, the blue sky and light will always be with you.

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Yekta Blue Residence Construction Technical Information
As Yekta Homes, we use the latest technology materials in our Yekta Blue 3 project, as in our other projects.


Building foundation
The foundation starts at 5 meters below the ground.

The foundation starts 5 meters below the ground. After filling the pit with rock fragments, it was pressed with the help of a dozer and a cylinder. After the 140cm foundation wall was built, 2 layers of insulation were made inside and a drainage system was installed. The basic curtain wall insulation process is strengthened with liquid membrane and protected by 4 cm thickness styrofoam.

The distance between the two-floor is 330 cm and there is the insulation of 42 cm between the two floors. 7 cm screed.

7 cm concrete 15 cm styrofoam 10 cm ytong and 3 cm plaster are applied.

Mortar Pocket Block Bims 19cm material is used on the exterior of our building.

It provides 52 dB sound insulation and also makes heat insulation. It is TSE approved earthquake-resistant material. We use in the interior wall of our building block that provides 52 dB sound insulation Pumice name 19cm. National Technical Approval is the first certified products in Turkey. We use this material to combine adjacent circles. Room partitions of the flat are knitted with 13cm BİMS. Thanks to the lightness of the material, it does not bring the extra load to our building and it is TSE approved and it is A1 CLASS FIREPROOF

Our benches are granite and cabinets are made of high gloss-scratch proof material.

The kitchen tap used is made of stainless chrome material.

Our building stairs are made of marble and we use the same marbles in our balconies.

The blue glass aluminium joinery we use in our balconies creates a spacious environment.

We use 45 * 45 ceramics on the floor of the flat.

The interior of the building and the interior of the apartments are completely suspended.

Our windows are double glazed and insulated from heat and sound.

It also has a double-sided opening feature. Our flat entrance doors are steel doors with a 25 point lock system. Inside room doors are American doors.

Payment plan
50% Prepayment - remaining 50% until December 2021

Projects delivery date is March 2022

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Yekta Team
Ali Pazandeh
Ali Pazandeh
Sales representative, Graphic designer
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Ali Pazandeh
Sales representative, Graphic designer