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How to make money from turkish property in 2024?

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How to make money from turkish property in 2024?

Turkey is a popular tourist destination. It features unique traditions, the opportunity to communicate in basic English, and the chance to meet people from all over the world. Therefore, to make money on the property market in Turkey is easier than in any other part of Europe.

In this article, we will consider the options for investment, profitability, legal nuances and find out the answer to the question, How to make money on Turkish property?, which is asked by novice investors.


1. Can you really make money on Turkish property?

2. Rental business in Turkey

3. Rental income in Turkey

3.1. Renting flats in Turkey

3.2. Resale of flats in Turkey

3.3. Renting of non-residential premises

4. Conclusion

Can you really make money on Turkish property?

Is it possible to make money buying property in Turkey today? Yes, if you are aware or are willing to learn how to assess the market, risks, needs of buyers or tenants. What to look out for before buying:

  1. Region. It is easier to rent out a flat or shop in Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Side, Istanbul, and Marmaris. It will be more difficult to find those willing to settle in the towns of Kaş, Oludeniz, Kayakoy and other interesting but less known settlements.
  2. Readiness of the property. Premises in an under-construction building can be bought cheaper and sold more expensively. Such an investment is suitable for those who are ready to invest in the future. After all, you just need to wait for the end of the process and putting the building into operation. Those who want to get the first income as soon as possible can buy a room in the completed complex, but the price will be higher, and the choice will be less.
  3. Rating of the neighbourhood. Look around the area before property purchase. If there are a lot of ‘sale’ or ‘rent out a flat’ signs on neighbouring buildings, it means that things are not going well for entrepreneurs. Think like a tourist and answer yourself, Where would you like to live? What places are important to you? If there is a picturesque market nearby, and you can walk to the sea in 10 minutes, then you are on the right track.

Any investment is a risk, but investing in property will ensure that you don't lose money. Even if business doesn't go as expected, you'll still have your money. Investments in mutual funds or currency do not offer such guarantees.

Реально ли заработать на турецкой недвижимости

Rental business in Turkey

Before you familiarise yourself with your rental business options, take note that it requires official registration. Hiding the activity from the state can result in a significant fine (10,000 lira or €280).

In order to earn money from renting out premises, you will have to register a company (it is not customary to open an IE in Turkey for such purposes) and work under a licence. Legal problems in a foreign country are the last thing aт aspiring entrepreneur needs. Be prepared for the fact that a profitable business in Turkey is not an easy business. You will regularly have to:

  • file an income tax return once a month, showing whether you have rented out your premises or not;
  • issue an invoice when tenants move in and out;
  • hire an accountant to prepare the accounts and send them to the tax office.

A fine of 5,000 lira or €140 per guest is imposed for late submission of documents. In addition, a number of rules will have to be observed, such as obtaining the consent of all tenants. It follows that a rental business with one or two flats is not profitable, and illegal activity is possible only until the first inspection.

Another argument in favour of registering a company is the fact that individuals are forbidden to rent out residential premises for daily rent in Turkey since 2017.

Investment income in Turkey

Let's look at what and how much you can earn in Turkey. There are three options for generating income: renting out a flat, non-residential premises, and resale.

Renting flats in Turkey

You have decided to rent out accommodation to tourists. It is a great choice, because many people choose independence instead of five-star hotels today. But this does not mean that holidaymakers are ready to settle in a low quality flat. Elite accommodation is much more popular. What to pay attention to before buying:

  • safety of the neighbourhood;
  • proximity to the sea and entertainment venues;
  • presence of a nearby market and large shops.

A flat in the city centre or located close to the beach can bring up to €13,000 per year. But this is at an initial cost of €200,000–320,000. Cheap housing for €50,000–75,000 does not guarantee such profitability.

  • Taxes when renting out a flat are calculated on a progressive scale and range from 15 to 40%. If your income is above 600,000 lira (€17,000) and you provide accommodation as an individual, you will have to pay 40%. Legal entities always pay only 20%. If your total rental income does not exceed 6600 lira (€190) per year, you will not have to pay anything.

Аренда квартир в Турции

Resale of flats in Turkey

When reselling housing you need to take into account the same parameters as in the previous paragraph. The main thing is that purchasing property in Turkey from the developer at an early stage, when the options are numerous, is more profitable. On the one hand, it is a risk as you do not see the finished product, but invest in it a lot of money. On the other hand, you have more options while everyone is waiting and thinking.

When the frame and walls appear, the build starts to get more expensive and the range gets smaller. With the right circumstances, you can resell the house with a profit of 30% or even 40%.

Do not forget about the tax. You will have to give the state 15% of the cost.

Renting non-residential premises

Commercial space is a good investment. Just think of how many shops and coffee shops there are on Turkish streets. However, there is one difficulty with this property type. Most of the non-residential real estate is owned by the local population, and the ground floor space for shops etc. in under-construction projects is quickly sold out. There are few offers for sale on the market, and prices are very high.

If you manage to become the owner of a commercial area, the return on such an investment can be 5–7% per annum.


According to any of the above options, we can conclude that purchase of residential or commercial property from the developer in Turkey is more profitable. The advantages are the following:

  • low cost;
  • variety of choice;
  • safety of the transaction;
  • fine finishing of premises.

Are you looking for a favourable investment solution? Yekta Homes will help you clear your doubts and find the right property for your needs. Start exploring your future home today!

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