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New property sale rules in Turkey to secure property transactions

  • 07.10.2020
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New property sale rules in Turkey to secure property transactions

According to the new regulation of the Turkish Ministry of Commerce, realtors can no longer provide their services without an office.

According to the head of the Association of Professional Realtors of Turkey, Jacob Ulsu, only in this case the cooperation of homebuyers and estate agents will become safe. In addition, it is now mandatory for real estate agents to have a certificate that allows them to perform as an intermediary in property transactions.

Mr Ulsu hopes that the law will protect property buyers as much as possible. He thinks that this regulation is very important for foreigners, because due to lack of knowledge of Turkish laws, it is easier for them to become victims of fraudsters.

The head of the Association emphasized that housing in Turkey is becoming more and more popular among residents of other countries. For example, in Alanya, more than 45 thousand people from 76 countries own real estate, says

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