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What property prices in Turkey depend on

  • 03.02.2020
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What property prices in Turkey depend on

Property prices depend on a lot of factors. When it comes to Turkey, the one of the main factors is property’s location. The most expensive apartments and villas are located in Istanbul and Ankara – the largest modern cities, and popular resorts. As for smaller and less popular locations, properties will be considerably cheaper there.

Another important factor to consider is what area of the city or town a property is located in and what amenities this area has to offer. Basic amenities include elements of the transport, social and cultural, and recreational systems.

If you are looking for a property in a resort, then its price will also depend on the proximity to the sea. Besides, the cost of the land plot, the number of floors and other factors may also affect how much the property costs.

Assessment of the price-affecting factors allows you to determine the most reasonable prices and choose a cost-effective property.

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