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Real estate specialists discuss positive aspects of buying housing in Turkey online

  • 02.11.2020
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Real estate specialists discuss positive aspects of buying housing in Turkey online

Experts note that the remote purchase of a villa or apartment may take place, for example, when the borders between countries are temporarily closed, as it was during the quarantine.

They say that the first key benefit of buying a property in Turkey remotely is that you can become an owner of Turkish housing at the comfort of your home, without leaving your home country. Not only do realtors help inspect the apartments and make a decision in favor of this or that object, but also register the documents for the property ownership.
It is also important that the future owner chooses an apartment or a cottage not from photos on the website of a real estate agency or construction company, but via a video call from a real estate agent so that they can view a property in real time. The agent calls at the agreed time and shows the potential buyer all the rooms and premises. This ensures a client the effect of presence.

Another important point in the remote purchase of housing is that during a period when developers slow down their activities, or when the demand for certain types of real estate rises, apartment prices are likely to go up, as it was during the quarantine. Therefore, buying an apartment or villa online, when the cost of housing is not yet as high as possible, apartment owners also get a financial benefit.

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