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Turks spend more than 20% of the budget on housing

  • 21.07.2020
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Turks spend more than 20% of the budget on housing

According to last year's stats, Turkish families allocate 24.1% of all their funds to pay for their apartments. The TurkStat states that the rent and utility bills are the largest part of family monthly budget. Food and non-alcoholic beverages occupy the second place in the list of monthly costs (20.8%). The third place is occupied by travel costs, which amount to 16.5%.

Last year the Turks spent the least on healthcare services (2.2%), education (2.5%) and entertainment (3.1%). On average, every adult in Turkey spent $ 360 per month. In contrast, the average costs in 2018 were $ 320, and in 2017 - $ 270.

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