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In january 2021, demand for housing in Turkey increased by 35% compared to december 2020

  • 15.02.2021
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In january 2021, demand for housing in Turkey increased by 35% compared to december 2020

According to the property market researchers, in the first month of 2021, the number of property transactions in Turkey exceeded the average monthly result of last year by 23%.

Experts say the rise in demand for homes forsale in Turkey in January is a common thing. So, in January 2020, investor interest was also higher than throughout 2019.

In addition, unlike last year, in 2021 the borders of many countries are open, and this as experts suggest is likely to affect the growth in demand for apartments in Turkey.

Last year, many real estate agencies and construction companies made it possible to buy housing in Turkey remotely. You can now select a property, view apartments or villas as well as sign a sale agreement and arrange all paperwork remotely.

Property inspection tours take place through video calls and documents are drawn up by mail. Buying a property in Turkey online is a great option which is convenient for both property sellers and buyers, especially foreign investors, who no longer need to travel to another country.

Moreover, those who plan to rent out their new home can do so remotely through a licensed real estate agencies or construction companies who will manage their property.

So, agents find tenants, conclude contracts with them, check tenants in and out, monitor the condition of the apartment, clean the property and so on.

You can also entrust real estate agents to resell your property in Turkey, and you do not need to be in Turkey for this.

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