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The cancellation of a tourist residence permit in Turkey is nothing but rumours

  • 20.10.2022
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The cancellation of a tourist residence permit in Turkey is nothing but rumours

Due to changes in Turkish legislation, there are now various restrictions on obtaining a residence permit when acquiring real estate. The issuance of a tourist residence permit is an alternative for people relocating to Turkey. Over the past week, one of the hot topics discussed in the country has been the possible cancellation of a tourist residence permit due to the fact that its issuance does not align with the purposes of tourism development and material stimulation of the local economy by overseas nationals. Since no official statements have been made by the authorities on this topic, foreign investors’ concerns are unjustified. Furthermore, in areas where it is now prohibited to issue a residence permit by right of ownership, government authorities are actively issuing tourist residence permits to owners of real estate.

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