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How Yekta Homes celebrated New Year

  • 30.01.2020
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How Yekta Homes celebrated New Year

This year, guests from different countries came to celebrate New Year with Yekta Homes and enjoy the festive atmosphere and the mascaraed party.

The guests were invited to the brightly decorated venue with live music. The Yekta Home team made sure that the guests felt there home, enjoying the festivities together with their friends and family.

The guests had a lot of fun dancing, singing and taking part in contests. Professional animators took care of every guest including children. Young guests played fun games, danced a lot, and enjoyed delicious candy buffet.

The Yekta Homes did their best to create an amazing atmosphere of magic and fun. And we hope that our guests will enjoy this atmosphere throughout the new year.

We’v already started planning a party for the next New Year and meanwhile we are waiting for you to visit our lovely Alanya.

New Year party with Yekta Homes

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