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Residents of Yekta Homes projects can order food delivery

  • 06.04.2020
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Residents of Yekta Homes projects can order food delivery

The residents of Yekta Homes development projects now can order products delivery from the Hasbul supermarket. You can choose products from the supermarket catalogue. To get the catalogue, you need to contact your manager.

In order to get a delivery from Hasbul, the residents of Yekta Homes projects need to:

1. Choose products from the catalogue;

2. Provide their manager with the list of products before 12.00 pm if they want their products to be delivered the same day. If they make an order after 12.00 pm, the products will be delivered next day.

3. In addition to the list of products, the residents need specify the address where to deliver, their phone number and the payment method – cash or by card;

4. Your order will be given to the supermarket delivery team that will process your order. They may contact you to specify the details if needed;

5. Your order will be delivered to your door from 13.00 to 16.00.

Yekta Homes always takes care of their clients!

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