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Why foreigners choose HISAR Intercontinental Hospital in Istanbul for treatment

  • 27.10.2023
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Why foreigners choose HISAR Intercontinental Hospital in Istanbul for treatment

HISAR Intercontinental Hospital is a multi-specialty medical center in Istanbul established in 2005. The hospital, which is internationally accredited by the JCI, has 53 departments. Medical center experts report that a record number of foreigners, both residents of Turkey and those coming to the country for medical treatment, visited the departments of HISAR Intercontinental Hospital in 2023.

HISAR Intercontinental Hospital has gained popularity among foreigners who choose Turkey for comprehensive health check-ups known as "check-up". The clinic offers two packages, Standard and VIP, with prices starting at $550. The cost depends on the number of tests and examinations included. The VIP package, for example, includes examinations by an ophthalmologist and an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

One of the reasons foreigners choose the clinic is the convenience it offers. For an additional fee, clients can arrange airport transfers and hotel accommodations. The clinic also provides a translator to accompany the patient throughout the examination process.

HISAR Intercontinental Hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest medical methods and technologies. In the radiology department, they have Aquilion One complexes, the most accurate computed tomography system in the world, as well as a 3 Tesla MRI machine, an innovative device that ensures patient comfort during MRI scans. In the oncology department, the clinic uses a state-of-the-art MR-LINAC machine, which is able to precisely and effectively target malignant growths without affecting surrounding healthy tissues. According to the clinic's staff, there are only four such machines in all of Turkey.

The clinic's obstetrics and gynecology department is known for having specialists who speak all major world languages. This is one of the reasons why many women from different countries, including the CIS countries, choose HISAR for pregnancy care and childbirth.

For a more comprehensive overview of HISAR Intercontinental Hospital, please visit our YouTube channel.

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