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Alara City Residence

Yekta Alara City ıs a new Project in Mahmutlar.

Living a private life right in the center of the town is the main motto of the project. The territory of the project is private, the layouts of the apartments are spacious, lobbies are wide and elegant and the flat views are stunning. The luxurious infrastructure of the complex and its unique location make our customers feel the exclusivity of the project.

Our new residential complex is close to the Mediterranean sea and located right in the center of Mahmutlar. Nowadays this place is considered to be one of the most prestigious one because all the urban infrastructure is within walking distance and there is not so much noise at the same time.

This new project is going to be a great place for gathering,spending summer holidays and enjoying the beauty of the nature around. The private territory is both entertaining for kids and adults, schools and a kindergarten are nearby and the sea coast is only 5 minutes away.

The project is presented like a single block, in total there are 109 flats in it.The external elevation is mostly in light shades and the backlight all around the complex makes it look even more impressive. All the details were carefully worked out by our architects and designed with joy and pleasure.

There is a variety of layouts for purchase In this residential complex-from 1+1 to 5+1 apartments, the ceiling up to 3 meters makes you feel the vastness and brightness of the apartment, also in many layouts there are spacious balconies and terrasses, so you can spend time outside with your closest and dearest.

On the private territory there is a day-night video observation and security, kids playground, outdoor swimming pool, water slides, swimming pool for kids and a barbeque zone. In every flat there is a personal radiator heating system. For the vehicle owners there is a special underground parking area.

The residential complex will be our next masterpiece, so for the gorgeous social area and lobby zone we use only the natural marble and expensive finishing materials ,quiet elevators and other modern equipment is also a must for us!

To sum up-a new residential complex Yekta Alara City is definitely a pleasurable and appropriate place to live.

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  • Azamat and Saule, Almaty

    My name is Azamat and this is my wife Saule and our children Iris, Daryn and Samat. We flew in from Almaty, Kazakhstan. We liked the weather here. It was the first time we had come just to relax. We didn't think we would move to Turkey. But we liked it here, we liked the people, we liked the weather. And basically the kids liked it too. We decided to try and live here.

    When we first came, we travelled around Turkey and visited 6 big cities. But when we came to Alanya, for some reason we felt at home, at peace. There are few people, no traffic jams. We used to spend several hours of our lives in traffic jams. And here everything is within walking distance. There are mountains and the sea. So this is the perfect place for us. We had a flat opposite two complexes. And we liked the look of the complex and the infrastructure, how it looked from the outside. So we decided to go to the company, to look, to price. That's how we met.

    We decided on a complex in Gazipasa. This town is not far from Alanya, 30 km. We liked the beach, it is not as crowded as in Mahmutlar. It is only 1.5 km away. For our family it is very suitable: the airport is close, 30 km from Alanya. The manager Marta showed us the town. We did not see a big difference, but it is a more quiet and peaceful town. Gazipasa is more spacious, there is space between the houses, you can walk quietly. And we liked it so much, it reminds us of our childhood. And we think we should bring up our children in a place like this. They will grow up and go away to study, but they can feel nature here. And now many people live in big cities, and here it is a luxury to live in such a place.

    The advantage of Gazipasa is that it has an airport. It is very convenient if you need to fly somewhere quickly. You don't have to go to Antalya and waste time.

  • Marina Simonova, Moscow

    Hello everyone! My name is Marina Simonova and I'm from Moscow. I'm so excited to tell you that I recently purchased an apartment in Alara City, which is currently under construction. Yekta Homes was so helpful in helping me find a new property after I sold my previous apartment. I chose Alanya after a thorough research of the neighborhoods and I couldn't be happier with my decision!

    During my stay with my daughter in the USA, I was researching various sites and came across your premium complex. I was visually impressed when I visited the realtors and later received a call from my personal manager, Natasha. After working with her, she made me an offer on a duplex that I really liked. Then she helped me realize that the complex was in a quiet area and suggested that I move to the center. After COVID, I wanted to be in a more lively area, so I chose Alara, which is in the center of Mahmutlar and has a lot of people around. The shopping mall in Mahmutlar is probably the most visited place in the area.

    If you're looking for a warm and welcoming place to move to, I highly recommend Alanya. I suggest you consider it as a potential destination. I have something to compare with. Come and stay with us, relax and enjoy your time. I wish you all the best.

  • Aleksandr and Elena

    In June of this year, we purchased an apartment in Alanya, in the neighbourhood of Mahmutlar!!! A wonderful city, kind people, beautiful and clean sea, fresh fruits, and quality foods. It was our first time in Alanya. Honestly, by the third day, we fell in love with this city. I’ve travelled a lot, but it was Alanya that stole my heart.

    Now I’ll come back here time and time again. But now to my own apartment. I’ll maybe even consider moving here. I’m very grateful to the people working at YEKTA HOMES. Everything is very professional, comfortable, competent, and to the point. Dmitry Chibizhekov helped us. He selected options, showed us the chosen apartments, and answered all our questions competently. Then we went together with him to explore the city, surroundings, and landmarks. And there is a lot to see there!!! He treated us like family. We met him in Moscow in the spring at the international real estate exhibition. It is to him that we owe our acquaintance with Alanya.

    Well done! What a professional! He knows his job well, and it’s evident that he enjoys his work. I think he takes pleasure in seeing our (buyers’) happy faces. I recommend the developer Yekta Homes. I’ve seen all their projects in Mahmutlar in person. The guys are obsessed with quality. It’s virtually impossible to find fault with the building materials or the quality of the work. I work with builders. I have my own company, dealing with the maintenance and operation of real estate properties.

    I often get to approve newly built or renovated properties for operation in Moscow and the region. Yekta Homes itself has a very good reputation in the city. I also wanted to point out that the company has a very strong after-sales service department. They solve virtually all local issues. Starting with drawing up the necessary Turkish documents and ending with everyday matters. They even assist in choosing a local school and enrolling a child in it. In general, this company employs very hospitable, friendly, and conscientious people. Kudos to the head of the company.

    Here’s why I decided to buy an apartment in Alanya: 1. The warmest city on the Mediterranean coast. It’s warm and sunny here in winter. The sea never cools below +18; 2. Everywhere there is clean sea and stunning beaches; 3. Quality and affordable food, and real fruits all year round; 4. Friendly people who are eager to help at any time; 5. Beautiful mountains and clean air. There are no industrial enterprises nearby; 6. Good apartments with quality finishes and sea or mountain views (mine overlooks both the mountains and the sea). 11th floor. 7. Own airport 25 kilometres from the city. And there are no traffic jams, at all; 8. A waterfront with a pedestrian and bicycle path along the sea for 12 kilometres. Very beautiful!!! If you decide to buy an apartment abroad, come to Alanya and contact YEKTA HOMES. You won’t regret it. That was my experience.

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